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Tunes for your feminist fall

Whether you're a student settling into the new semester, a teacher sitting down to grade your first stack of papers, or just a human who loves the glorious changing of the seasons from summer to fall, you definitely need our #fallintofeminism playlist.

Featuring a mix of timeless classics and brand new jams, this playlist includes songs and artists recommended by our editors and readers throughout the summer. This playlist includes a diverse group of artists and songs we admire, reflecting the value we place on an inclusive range of feminisms and feminists.

A few of our favorite lyrics:

"Let this be a warning, says the magpie to the morning, 'Don't let this fading summer pass you by.'" (Neko Case)

"All dressed up in my new suit--took my name, my sight, my song. Been trying to find myself all day long. I heard em say, 'Love’ll be your curse or a restless friend.' Love belongs in movies." (Janelle Monae)

"Ooo, your kisses--sweeter than honey. And guess what? So is my money." (Aretha Franklin)

Friends, enjoy! Play. Dance. Write. Repeat.

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