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New Leaves Writers' Conference: Chapbook Panel

This week, our co-editor M. Mack will be discussing GGP (and publishing hir own work) during a panel at the New Leaves Writers' Conference, held on the George Mason University campus in Fairfax, VA. We'd love to see you, if you're in the area!

Event Description:

Friday, April 17th

Traditionally, chapbooks have been a part of poetry publishing for some time, but recently chapbooks have become more popular with fiction and nonfiction as well. Mason alums who have all published in this form talk about how to use chapbooks to get your work out there, read, and followed. The panel includes Kirsten Clodfelter, M. Mack, Lucy Biederman, Danielle Badra, Nicole Tong, Elizabeth Deanna Lakes Morris, and Sarah Winn. Location: Robinson A 447

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