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Feminist friends, we are gearing up for our time in Boston next week, and we have some exciting news to share.

We are thrilled and grateful to be included in the "Queer Guide to the AWP Bookfair" graciously curated by A Midsummer Night's Press. They have also put out a guide to queer AWP events that you should definitely check out. Folks are adding their own queer and feminist events to the discussions of these lovely documents on Facebook.

We are excited to be hosted by the generous So to Speak and Phoebe journals at the bookfair. We will have a slice of table AA17. The Busy Life will be for sale, at a special conference rate of $7 cash. We will also be giving away three beautiful handmade book objects. Gazing Grain is launching a new series of these--we're calling them "miniatures." To get your free miniature, visit the bookfair table or speak to Alyse or Mack out and about at the conference.

We'll release one miniature per bookfair day at table AA17.

Thursday: "The Interstate" from Meg Thompson, 2012 contest finalist

Friday: "The Hungry Matter" from Casandra Eddington, 2012 contest finalist

Saturday: "The Venus Figurine as it Relates to Gnosticism" from Natalie Eilbert, 2012 contest runner-up

Here's a little fresh-from-the-artist's-knife teaser:

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