New publications from 2012 GGP Authors

We've got a slew of good news from our 2012 authors. Congratulations to them, and here's some good reading for all of us:

2012 author Laura Neuman, winner of our first chapbook contest, has just published a full-length collection with Stockport Flats. Stop the Ocean is, according to CAConrad, "like being put into a caravan of familiar faces with a new lens like new eyes like a new literacy getting us off the usual perusal." You can also buy hir GGP chapbook The Busy Life here though stock is limited!

Contest runner-up and author of the miniature "The Venus Figurine As It Relates to Gnosticism" Natalie Eilbert has several forthcoming collections. Her full-length Swan Feast will be part of Coconut's line-up in Spring/Summer 2015. Her chapbook And I Shall Again Be Virtuous is forthcoming from Big Lucks in 2014/2015. Natalie's chapbook Conversations with the Stone Wife is forthcoming from Bloof in 2014.

Finalist and author of the miniature "The Interstate" Meg Thompson has a chapbook Farmer forthcoming from Kattywompus Press.

Finalist and author of the miniature "The Hungry Matter" Cassandra Eddington just had a large selection from her chapbook manuscript under story published at Word for /Word.

We're also excited to say that we will be doing a second printing of the 2012 miniature series this summer, and we'll be selling limited edition sets of all three minis here at our store! We're responding to demand for the minis and also the feedback that people want to be able to choose which miniature they receive. Keep an eye out for that shop announcement!

If you want to join our family, our 2014 contest is open through June 1!


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